Flying with the iPad eBook updated

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Flying with the iPad is available as a Kindle eBook.

Last year, in response to many requests from readers, we published an eBook that combined our most popular articles and top 10 lists into a single resource. Since then, thousands of pilots have purchased the book and we’ve received dozens of positive comments about it.

While much of the information in the eBook is available on this site, having all these tips in one place–and accessible offline–is a convenient option. It’s also an ideal way to get started if you’re new to the world of the iPad.

But six months is a long time in the world of the iPad, and we noticed that some of our advice in the book was no longer current or correct. So we’ve updated and expanded the eBook to cover the latest information, including tips for the iPad Air and iPad mini with retina display. We also go in depth on some new app features, including Garmin’s new map layer options and ForeFlight’s track vector.

The eBook is organized into seven sections:

  1. General iPad information, including which one to buy, how to preflight your tablet and our top 12 overall tips.
  2. ForeFlight Mobile tips, including how to use the flight planning Advisors, tips for organizing Plates and iPhone shortcuts.
  3. Garmin Pilot tips, including split screen setup and map overlay selections.
  4. WingX tips, from customizing the window layouts to approach plate searches.
  5. Accessory tips, which covers the growing world of ADS-B receivers and tricks for reliable GPS performance.
  6. Top apps, a collection of our favorite apps for student pilots, turbine pilots and weather geeks.
  7. Frequently asked questions, which offers quick, plain English explanations of some of the more complicated subjects.

Flying with the iPad is available for Kindle, including the Kindle app on iPad, for $3.99 from Amazon.

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