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AIN 2013 Product Support Survey – Engines

Williams leads turbofans, Honeywell tops t-props The individual business-aircraft engines that take the trophies for most reliable and best supported are the Honeywell HTF7000-series turbofans and the Honeywell TPE331 turboprop, according to AIN’s readers in our 2013 Product Support Survey. But …

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AIN 2013 New Business Jets

As the global economic recovery slowly builds, a combination of new jet designs and block changes of existing ones is taxiing for takeoff across the size spectrum into ever-narrowing and fiercely competitive niches. Development schedules for several programs in both …

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AIN Fractional & Charter Market Special Report – Part 1

While the charter industry has seen some changes this year, the fractional-share business is undergoing a wrenching transition, with the shutdown of Avantair and the announced sale of Bombardier’s Flexjet to Flight Options parent Directional Capital. Avantair, whose fleet of 56 …

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News and Updates – NextGen Making a Difference

September 30 “NextGen is the continuous improvement and modernization the invisible infrastructure of our national airspace. This comprehensive initiative integrates new and existing technologies, including satellite navigation and advanced digital communications. NextGen’s improvements to the infrastructure will continually share information …

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NBAA Update, #13-39

Government Shutdown Expected to Have Limited Immediate Impact on Essential Aviation Safety Services House Small Business Committee to Host GA Roundtable This Week NTSB Finalizes Rule Changes for Aviation Certificate Enforcement Appeals Process

Norwegian Pulls 787 From Long-Haul Service

Norwegian Air Shuttle removed from long-haul service one of its two Boeing 787s over the weekend following a series of technical problems, the latest involving a hydraulic pump. Following the incident in Thailand, Norwegian flew the airplane from Bangkok back …

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Citation CJ2 Crashes at Santa Monica Airport

According to the FAA, a Cessna 525A Citation CJ2 veered off the right side of Runway 21 after landing at Santa Monica (Calif.) Airport at 6:20 p.m. PDT last night. The twinjet struck a hangar and was destroyed by fire. …

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Secondary Cockpit Barrier Debate Continues

Ellen Saracini, widow of 9/11 United Airlines Flight 175 captain Victor Saracini, told AIN she does not believe that the airline her late husband flew for is doing all it can to prevent another 9/11-like cockpit takeover. Saracini was invited …

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UK Launches Safety Review of North Sea Helicopter Operations

While the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch is still probing the Eurocopter Super Puma fatal accident that killed four in August, the country’s CAA, its Norwegian counterpart and the European Aviation Safety Agency have launched a wider safety review of …

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Nozzle Failure Triggered GP7200 Engine Failure on A380

The failure of some Stage-2 high-pressure turbine (HPT) nozzles triggered the uncommanded shutdown of an Engine Alliance GP7200 turbofan on an Emirates Airline A380 in November last year, according to the findings of an investigation by the Australian Transport Safety …

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