Monthly Archives: March 2012

AeroNav Backs down from their plan to charge for data, for now.

Many of our customers have been asking what the latest is on AeroNav trying to charge for digital data. For now, there will be no charges for data while the FAA attempts to figure out what the data actually costs. …

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AEA 2012 Convention Mobile App

AEA 2012 Convention Mobile App Brief overview of the mobile app that is available for attendees to download and use during the convention. Sponsored by EDMO Distributors. From: AEAlive Views: 61 0 ratings Time: 05:30 More in Howto & Style

ColdFusion Tip: User CFQUERYPARAM CFSQLTYPE to Format Your SQL Variables

If you’ve ever tried to move data between two different flavors of databases, you know it can be painful, frustrating, time-consuming and often disappointing. But if you’re working in ColdFusion, CFQUERYPARAM’s CFSQLTTYPE parameter makes life a lot easier, particularly when …

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Lawsuit Against EPA on Aircraft Emissions Fails to Consider Actions Already Underway

Washington, DC, March 9, 2012 – Members of the General Aviation (GA) Avgas Coalition say that a lawsuit filed against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by the environmental group Friends of the Earth (FOE) over piston-engine aircraft’s use of leaded …

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